Your Skin and Hair

Your Skin and Hair

Softened water is a luxury your family deserves. With so many benefits, why choose anything else? By removing the potentially harmful minerals found in hard water, you and your family can benefit from pure, softened water which is better for the condition of your skin and your hair.

Soft water is also much more compatible with organic and natural cleaning products. This is because you don’t need the harsh chemicals that are required to reverse the effects of hard water. You’re therefore able to use products which are kinder to your skin, your hair and the environment.

Softened water and your skin

Softened water is much kinder to your skin compared to hard water. Hard water can cause skin irritation and dryness.

Our customers have also told us that their skin’s moisture levels improved when they introduced soft water. Those who previously suffered from dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, have told us their condition greatly improves and in some cases completely disappears.

Softened water and your hair

You may have noticed the difference in the condition of your hair when you’ve travelled between hard and softened water areas.

The lack of minerals in soft water means you can stop using harsh chemicals on your hair. Softened water is much more compatible with organic products, for example. You will also find you need less of each product to get your hair feeling clean and soft, so you’ll avoid product build up too!

You will also use 50% less soap and shampoo to produce a much better lather, finding your hair to be shinier and more manageable.

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