Limescale in your Home

Limescale in your Home

What is limescale?

Limescale is a common problem in homes. Caused by calcium and magnesium minerals in hard water, it is a residue which builds up over time causing scale damage in your home, can clog shower heads and appears on surfaces making them difficult to clean. When left untreated, the scale continues to build up in the home affecting appliances and heating systems, and any other products that have hard water running through them.

How to reduce limescale

The only way to completely get rid of limescale is to have a water softener installed. People generally use scale inhibitors and cleaning products to combat the effects of scale, this is very costly, time consuming and not a long term solution.

Limescale is easily reduced or even eradicated by the introduction of a water softener. It will reverse the damage of hard water by gradually removing the scale from pipes and appliances. Plumbed into your water supply system, the softener removes the mineral deposits from your water, leaving you with pure, softened water which is much kinder to your home.

Why is limescale bad for your home?

Limescale is bad for your home for a variety of reasons which can be treated by the introduction of a water softener.

The most visual impact of limescale in the home is particularly on chrome appliances and shower screens, it can also clog your shower head. If you live in a hard water area, you may notice the efficiency of your shower depreciates over time and is only improved through the use of harsh cleaning chemicals or specially designed products for shower heads. With softened water, this issue is alleviated and your shower works more effectively.

Your household appliances and pipes are also harmed by limescale as it builds up over time. Limescale causes corrosion to your heating pipes, kettle heating elements, washing machine internal workings and more. By removing the limescale, you protect your appliances from these harmful effects and they work better, live longer and therefore, cost you less money over their lifetime.

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