Salt/Washing Powder

Salt/Washing Powder

Block Salt for Water Softeners

Block salt is an essential element of a water softener as it helps to maintain overall efficiency.

Mineral build-up needs to be flushed out regularly so that the water softener can ‘regenerate’ itself, one cylinder at a time. The process works by the water meter measuring the optimal amount of water from the first cylinder, then flushing the minerals out with a mixture of soft water and sodium (salt). During this regeneration the second cylinder takes over to ensure soft water is provided to your home without interruption.

To keep this process running smoothly simply refill your softener’s salt using the TwinTec block salt, which is much easier to handle than loose salt.

Washing Powder for Soft Water

Most washing powders contain chemicals that exist solely to remove hard water minerals from your water supply before washing your clothes.

When you invest in our TwinTec S3, it will remove these minerals from your water supply and so you’ll no longer need to use conventional washing powders to do this job.

We have developed a washing powder specifically for soft water homes, it’s kinder to your clothes and your skin.

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